Some thoughts on affordable sustainable housing

shedIT re: the american dream

The single family home is a defining element of the American Dream. However, exponential consumerism growth has resulted in bloated homes of inefficient structure and an abundance of superfluous space. The past decade sat witness to consumers desiring, and in most cases, demanding, more than the essentials of a house- they expected larger and larger quantities of ‘space.’ With those expectations came no validation of the space nor questioning of the long term effects on the life-cycle of the house and the environ as a whole. The current economic climate has seen a resurgence of consumers wanting more energy+space efficient homes with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Homeowners must shed current beliefs of what is required of a home in order to live well and how much space is really required to do so. The primary challenge in contemporary housing is to provide an efficient single family house that is truly “affordable” and one that promotes attainable sustainability. To succeed, the design must engender the sense of a home, as much as it provides for basic needs. Contemporary homes must be livable, buildable, sustainable, and affordable- preconceived notions of what a home requires to live well and how much is required…… shedIT and embrace the American Dream of sustainable affordable housing!

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