Meet My Dad, Mr. Beard Maybe

The other day I was throwing out filing old papers/artwork/collections, etc. of my daughter’s (aka reminiscing and weeping slightly) and I came across a piece she did when she was in pre-school. She was four. She was asked to draw a picture of me and then answer some questions. While ‘re-discovering’ this gem I began to smile and laugh… they’re so smart.

His name is “Keith”

He “has dark black/brown hair. I think he has a beard”

He is very handsome “when he wears his work clothes. It’s a tie that he can knot on.”

At work he “use to work at klein design but they were mean to him. He draws buildings.”

For fun, he likes to “watch star wars”

He doesn’t like “to do klein design anymore.”

When we are together we like to “go to the beach and swim and sometimes collect shells.”

Dad, I would like to tell you “Do you want to play golf with me?”

Please keep in mind that this is unedited and I assume expressly subversly and outright blatantly that I in no way might or may share the same views as the original author nor do any of my tiny little subdivision companies.

** This time I’ve been referenced the image to its source…my awesome daughter!

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