The ArchitecTypes Saga Continues- what kind of architect are you? part 3 of 4

If we were at Bed Bath & Beyond we’d be close to Beyond at this point. Numerous people have requested I complete this diatribe, I mean several, okay a few, no just one…whatever, it doesn’t really matter how many it’s the lack of content that’s important. Our previous two installments of ArchitecTypes covered The Allstar, The ‘Meeter’, The Academic, The “I’m an Architect”, The Designer, The Pragmatist,  The Project Architect/Manager, and The Studio Manager- they can be viewed here, Part 1 and Part 2. Let’s continue down the path of ArchitecTypes…

The Poser:
Key Characteristics: Has a deep admiration for George Costanza’s work on the Guggenheim, especially that it wasn’t really that hard to do, able to speak with authority on subjects they have no clue in- and more importantly come across that they know what they’re talking about, mid-life crisis hits them hard and they want to go out and drink with all the interns who are 1/3 their age, adhere to the mantra of “it’s not a lie if you believe it” (much like the Studio Manager), elusive and always on the move such that they create the illusion of importance in the firm

Identifiers: Trendy shoes, accessories, clothing, and must haves all obtained from Kenneth Cole or approved equal, thinks a good parti revolves around grey goose, employs mouse for hair styling (yes it’s still made), typically in upper management and on track to be a principal, usually drives the same vehicle as the firm owner, look for the office filled with design magazines sporting un-cracked bindings and you’ll find the poser posing

The Clueless:
Key Characteristics: Graduated from an NCARB certified school… not sure how, but they did, still can’t come to grips with a 2×4 not being 2×4- they think it’s a riddle to be solved, usually have a nervous tic i.e. clearing of throat, use of chapstick, tapping of foot, etc., phobia of speaking with contractors (even the gal who services the coffee machine), tendency to sport confusing patterns of clothing, indecisive- ask them to look out the window and tell you if it’s raining… go ahead do it, you’ll see

Identifiers:  When discussing interpretations by the ICC they hope that the new InterCounty Connector reduces their commute time, clients specifically request this person not be involved with their project, usually a principal and if the first response when talking about them to consultants is “who?” or “f$%% no, we don’t want him involved”– yup, they’re the clueless one, always busy but gets nothing done, they walk erect even though they lack a spine

The 9 to 5’er: 
Key Characteristics: Typically has a related architecture degree (a drafting institute certificate will suffice) but could care less about architecture- let alone design, wants to be told every task to do, will question nothing and assumes no responsibility whatsoever, does what told- no more no less, predictable to a fault

Identifiers: Desk at 9 lunch at 12 door at 5, knows all the good restaurants for lunch and dinner and which has the best happy hour for any day of the week, has all the latest CAD Drafting certificates from AutoDesk and knows how to create a functional happy family in Revit, well scented but believes Axe spray is pedestrian

The Lifer:
Key Characteristics: Life is ARCHITECTURE, architecture is LIFE, they dream in layers and filters (or whatever the Revit = is), family vacations are no fun because everything turns into a damn sketching/design exercise, intelligent but typically lack common sense in the “where are my glasses… hey dumbass they’re on your head” kind of way, poor financial skills, however, their quality of embracing something so fully is admirable- and disturbing

Identifiers:Daughter and son are named Ray and Eames, presents a slide show of their lunch walk to Quizno’s and lecturers that the corporate imagery is a resurgence of new brutalism reinterpreted to take into account bread bowls and bullet shaped sandwiches, has so many initials after their name they don’t even know what they stand for- but are almost certain they’re licensed to operate heavy machinery while under the influence of diazo fumes


Still can’t relate? Stay tuned, the following sub-species shall be presented in the final ArchitecTypes ‘installment’: Part 4: The Gentleman, The All Biz, The Gifted, and The Starchitect

** I’ve been careless on properly referencing the images to their source…meaning I haven’t and just copied from googles’ image search engine. Inform me if I’ve used any copy written images and I’ll remove the image and feel a bit remorse.

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