The ArchitecTypes Saga Conclusion- what kind of architect are you? The end.

It’s been a slow and torturous road but it’s finally come to a conclusion. The previous installments of ArchitecTypes covered The Allstar, The ‘Meeter’, The Academic, The “I’m an Architect, The Designer, The Pragmatist,  The Project Architect/Manager, The Studio Manager, The Poser, The Clueless, The 9 to 5’er, and The Lifer- they can be viewed here Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3. Let’s complete the discourse…

The Gentleman:
Key Characteristics: Well mannered, easy going, architecture is a hobby to them- much like competing in dressage and sampling single malt scotch- which they also do, does not have to be an actual registered architect, ‘real’ architects aspire to be but have a better chance of not debating fees with a client, ability to actually get ‘stuff’ done

Identifiers: Sometimes referred to as an armchair architect, member of an exclusive country club, has ‘people’ to do menial tasks for them, either highly educated, naturally intelligent, or just damn good looking, typically a proponent of modern architecture

The All Biz:
Key Characteristics: Sports double breasted suits, typically resides in a gated golf course community, mission to have a business of architecture but not overly concerned with the actual architecture, casual dress consists of mock turtlenecks or polos with the company logo, still finds it acceptable to drink liquor/beer at lunch (good/bad? debatable)

Identifiers:  Got their mind on their money and their money on their mind (oh yes I did), usually presence in office is minimal, prefers BMW over AIA, doesn’t know the names of their employees (been known to ask the copier repair tech how the new mixed-use project is going), thinks faux stone is actually from a quarry in France and sees nothing wrong with vinyl siding

The Gifted: 
Key Characteristics: Do not engage them unless invited to do so, they can doodle a sketch while talking on the phone while juggling that will solve all you have been trying to resolve for the past 3 ½ weeks, likes hard candy and mints, if they boast about how good they are it is a sign that the transformation to Starchitect has begun, their kids are in private schools- they are just soooo gifted that public schools can offer them nothing

Identifiers: Typically quiet, sweaters are a fashion staple, always has at least 10 markers on person (where they are stored is perplexing), ability to sketch upside down such that it is right-side-up for the person on the other side of the table, once and a while a members only jacket may be worn, pleasant, unpretentious, young ones have ipods with headphones, old ones have an archaic boom box playing NPR or jazz, if they are really gifted they move on to the pastures of starchitects

The Starchitect:
Key Characteristics: Typically began as one of ‘The Gifted’, so far gone they need an off-white alert on a ramen noodle package to find them, run their firm as a dictatorship, interns have been known to wet themselves (in a bad way) in the presence of the demigod, architects will publicly denounce them but in secret long to be one, they truly are the most interesting person in the room… go ahead ask ‘em

Identifiers: Speaks well with a vast vocabulary, usually elderly with a tad of dementia, speak of themselves in the third person, has a solid portfolio of early work… then something happened that is still unidentifiable, late work suffers from, well it just suffers, can vomit after a hard night of drinking and lower staff think it’s the best scheme they have ever seen for a mid-rise project, if your response to a project is “What the f$%%”, “Holy Crap”, “Are you serious, you’ve got balls” (literally the building has balls), or “ Is that veal skin cladding?” chances are it’s a starchitects’  building


** I’ve been unconscious on properly referencing the images to their source…meaning I haven’t and just copied from image search engines. Inform me if I’ve used any copy written images and I’ll remove the image(s) and send you a picture of some chipboard. Okay Brad Pitt, can I call you Brad? Just between us (and the 3 people who read this blog)… what was up with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? It was a dare, right?

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