The Poster

2012’s first post is well overdue, so much so it should have been the first post of 2009. Shocked that this blog is 3 years old? That makes two of us- three if my mom is reading… mom? Me, I’m more surprised the internet hasn’t demanded a refund, or at least an apology. So why don’t I blog more? The thought never crossed my mind until a friend and I were having dinner. The discourse of what is modern architecture (a future post) quickly crashed into: Why don’t you blog more?”

Hmm, I thought (elbow on table and devilishly scratching goatee (come on, you saw the goatee coming))… should I order the veal or chicken… focus, focus… well, for one I am not a blogger… I am a Poster (thumping chest and grunting like a silverback), I am a Poster… holy crap, that’s it!

“Because I’m a Poster, not a blogger, can we order now?”

“Oh, a poser, I still don’t get it? The veal looks tasty.”

“NO A$$CLOWN! A Poster, not a poser, a Poster! I’m going with the chicken.”

“What do you mean? Poster, blogger- same thing…” No, two entirely different angels. Think Farrah vs.Cheryl. I explained the key difference of verbs and nouns- a verb conveys action. A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea. He still wasn’t getting it, so I defined the two:

Blogger [blawg•er] verb: to add new entries, on a consistent basis, to a blog

Poster [poh-ster] noun- a person who posts information in a public place

“Oh, now I get it. So why don’t you become a blogger?”                                                                          (It sounded so magical, John Forsythe’s voice over a speakerphone says you’re a blogger, and poof, you’re a blogger)

I paused. I hadn’t ever tried to explain to someone why I am not a blogger. Lord knows I’ve plenty to say and some darn good opinions! So why don’t I? Maybe because I work at a firm and just don’t have the time? I work for myself, so that can’t be… besides, Bob Borson works at a firm and has arguably one of the best Architecture blogs, Life of an Architect– he finds time. Maybe because I am busy running my own firm and just don’t have the time. Nope, that’s not it. My friend Jody Brown runs his own firm and has a great blog, Coffee with an Architect–  he finds time.

Is there a time bank that knows no account of mine? Actually it’s pretty simple. I’ve made being a Poster my choice, that’s it. No transcendent reasoning behind the curtain.

Hi. My name is Keith. I’ve been a Poster since 2009, and I’m okay with that. I mean, everyone wants a Poster in their bedroom, don’t they?

Blog Post on!

** A resolution for 2012 is to become a more semi-consistent blogger Poster, let’s be realistic. With any luck I won’t go another 5 months without another post. No it’s not a threat, okay maybe it is…

  1. BTW I had that poster when I was 10 years old.

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