The Prequel

I’ve committed to becoming a more semi-consistent blogger Poster for 2012. As such, I am pulling back the curtain and formally introducing myself. My intent is to afford readers a glimpse into my professional and personal experiences. Personalizing the ‘voice’ behind the posts should allow for a more open dialogue between us. However, you will not see inside my refrigerator, and there is no Cristal.

Personal Brief: Happily married father of the greatest daughter ever- funny how we all have those. Currently reside in Raleigh NC, formerly lived just outside of Washington DC. I have been ‘practicing’ architecture since 1994 and a licensed architect since 2004 (huh, long internship… perhaps a future post). I tend to have a parched sarcastic sense of humor, hopefully it will come through in my posts!

Professional Brief: By choice, my architectural experiences have been broad and varied. I have been involved with commercial, retail, residential, well you name it I have most likely been involved with it at some point. I have worked on XS, S, M, L, Xl, XLL, sized projects and everything in-between. However, I have always remained involved with residential single family projects. I keep coming back to them and find them extremely rewarding- perhaps a later post as to why. I consider myself a well-rounded architect, who rarely capitalizes the ‘a’ in architect. I take my work seriously, myself, not so much.

My daughter can further add to the introduction per a previous post- “Meet My Dad, Mr. Beard Maybe”

The other day I was throwing out filing old papers/artwork/collections, etc. of my daughter’s (aka reminiscing and weeping slightly) and I came across a piece she did when she was in pre-school. She was four. She was asked to draw a picture of me and then answer some questions. While ‘re-discovering’ this gem I began to smile and laugh… they’re so smart.

His name is “Keith”

He “has dark black/brown hair. I think he has a beard”

He is very handsome “when he wears his work clothes. It’s a tie that he can knot on.”

At work he “use to work at klein design but they were mean to him. He draws buildings.”

For fun, he likes to “watch star wars”

He doesn’t like “to do klein design anymore.”

When we are together we like to “go to the beach and swim and sometimes collect shells.”

Dad, I would like to tell you “Do you want to play golf with me?”

In closing, Hi, I’m Keith, nice to meet you. While the intro was brief, I’m sure more exciting facts about me will surface in future posts- can you really levitate and juggle at the same time? Now that we have met, let’s enjoy the party…where are the free drinks?

Design On,

** I just copied the Wizard of Oz image from Google… let me know if it’s copyrighted and I will send an apology card and some ruby slippers ASAP!

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