Signs of an Architect

It was that time of year again when my driver’s license required renewal. Sitting in the local DMV and contemplating the possible resurgence of new brutalism, my mind started wandering. Street signs are a missed opportunity. Why not construct with LED displays that can post various relevant messages? I asked for paper and pen. Contrary to popular belief, not all architects carry such at all times, at least not real architects! I started doodling and wondering.

If I wandered the country like Dr. Bruce Banner…
(cue Joe Harnell’s “The Lonley Man” and wavy film sequence)
what might some architecture related street signs look like…

What signs would you see?

Design On,

** I already have this niche covered. Don’t you dare try to make t-shirts out of these or pilfer the idea in general…it’s mine, all mine!
Mwaa Haa Haa. Trademark pending.

    • Actually I was kind of surprised no one had done it before…every once and a while I have a stroke of mediocrity.

  1. BEWARE of Change Orders, STOP altering my design, GO get your checkbook, NO schmaltz

    • Not sure what schmaltz is, but I think it’s most likely appropriate!

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