The Fit House

A succinct post with a hefty question to address- Is there a difference between a house designed by a builder and one by an architect? Rather than a long winded typed diatribe, I submit two images… after all, I’m an architect and a picture is worth, well they used to be worth something, right?




Still not sure of which is best? Tally the votes, counting visible ‘digits’ I see a 5:2 lead, hmm…


Design On,

** And for the builders, please don’t email me with accusations of how the images can’t be built.

  1. Excellent post. I love the visual. What I latched into immediately as a difference between the two “designs” is the builder house can be “slapped” together by any tradesman without much skill or care to craftsmanship (hence only two “digits”), while the architect designed house requires a level of skill and craftsmanship that adds value and quality to the finished product (hence the 5 “digits”).

    • Thanks Jeremiah…I seem to
      Like my graphic posts more than the verbiage ones. I always wonder if people are actually viewing my blog. Thanks for reading!

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