WWJD and other architectural abbreviations

Architects tend to use a lot of abbreviations in their drawings. I’m not 100% sure why, but I don’t believe it’s because we’re lazy. Who am I kidding; I know why, its beekuzz because architects can’t spell! The cat is out of the bag, happy? To facilitate the use of abbreviations and their interpretations, we have created a cheat sheet for the typically misunderstood abbreviations.

Download your own PDF cheat sheet for inclusion in your project binder-> Architectural Abbreviations Cheat Sheet

Design On,

** A big Thanks to Andrew at Build LLC for allowing me to pilfer the dotted line/scissor graphic. Check out their web site here Build LLC

  1. McCArch said:

    AFF – above finished floor – can’t be bothered to figure out the actual height right now, and I certainly won’t know what it is when you are framing, since the finish floor material is TBD…

  2. businessofarch said:

    Ha ha! All part of the architectural lingo!

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