Being an architect is a great tough gig, and we architects are always trying to improve our skill set and become better at our craft. However, without Tony Robbins motivation what’s an architect to do? Well, simple, here are a few things you can implement today to make yourself a better architect:


1. Stop working- rotate your drawings 90 or 180 degrees ccw or cw- continue working.

2. Embrace the fact the next project is your best project- always has been always will be.


3. Listen to The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

4. Learn how to self-edit and simplify.


5. Learn when enough is enough and walk away.

6. Be practical.


7. Realize there’ll always be a ‘cooler’ architect doing a project you wish you had done.

8. True design begins at the end of your comfort zone, get out of it!


9. Take a break from architecture and pursue non-related hobbies.

10. Accept that there are things you can do to be a better architect.

Seems simple, well that’s the point. Too often we overcomplicate architecture and forget the simple things- give a few of these suggestions a try and I guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied- if you are, well go have a snickers!

Download your very own PDF cheat sheet-> Become a Better Architect

So what tips do you have to offer to become a better architect?

Design On,

** Don’t doubt my powers, try ’em… you’ll be a better architect in no time!

  1. …realize that somewhere is an architect wearing a white leisure suit with a white belt and white shoes?

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