Holy cow! It’s been over a month since my last new post. I have caught myself in the midst of another self-imposed social media disconnect. As a sole-proprietor it’s tough trying to balance work, family life, continuing education, marketing, social media, etc. Social media is typically the first thing to go when my work and/or life get busy. I don’t know how some of my colleagues continually post new content and be active on social media on a daily basis. Not me, I can’t do it. Let me re-phrase, I don’t want to do it.

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect a

I often find myself disconnecting from the daily use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz, LinkedIn, etc. The disconnect typically lasts for a week… or two… or a month. It’s usually initiated by work, vacation, family, etc. I’ll admit that the first few days are tough. I wonder:

“What’s ‘this guy’ up to?”
“What’s ‘that guy’ up to?”
“Am I trending on Twitter?”
“Has Twitter forgotten about me?”
“What does it mean to trend on Twitter?”
“Does this post make me look fat?”
“If I ask my followers for $1.00 I can continue my AIA membership… that’s what Kickstarter does.”
“I wonder what architecture is doing today?”
“Will I miss the coolest cat picture ever?”
“I do have a lot of the ‘answers’ to architecture… should I share them?”
“Maybe I’ll start hand-penning blog entries and mailing them to my followers, that would get me trending for sure!”
“Should I post cat pictures?”
“Will my blog dry up and blow away without weekly posts?”
“Will the interweb catch-on to me and demand money back for my waste of bandwidth?”

As days pass, stress dissipates- no trying to keep up, no capturing the perfect photo or pen the perfect tweet, post, status update, etc. Things turn out okay and I survive. Well in reality I thrive. I reconnect with what it’s like to live in the moment and actually interact, face-to-face, with real people. I don’t question our modern means of communication and social media, I think it’s a great tool and has truly made the WORLD more accessible for many. I just question our modern ‘need’ to be connected 24/7. I often wonder if I would be more active on social media if I worked for someone else or when my firm grows and I have ‘people.’ I don’t think I would. Maybe I would. No… I doubt I would. Do yourself a favor and take a social media break. Even if only for a day, trust me the interweb will still be here when you get back and things will be fine.

Why a month since my last post? Here’s a few things I’ve been up to:

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect c

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect i

Bath Sketch

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect j

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect h

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect k

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect g

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect b

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect d

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect m

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect o

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect f

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect n

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect p


2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect r

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect q

2013-05-20_blog_image_disconnect e

There’s always talk of a life-work balance and how best to obtain. The older I get the more I realize I don’t want a life-work balance- I want my life to outweigh all other that I do. My family and personal relationships are far more important to me and I want the scale to tip in their favor. I am an architect, but architecture is not my life. My family is my life. Although, yesterday my daughter said “Dad, can you design a modern house for us to live in, I’d like maple floors and lots of glass.” So maybe only slightly off-balance.

“I trace the cord back to the wall
No wonder it was never plugged in at all”– De Longe, Tom/Hoppus, Mark


Design On,

** Disconnect and go do something else… seriously, go do it! The interweb will still be here.

    • Hey Lee, thanks for reading… I’m starting to remind myself more and more… work being slow helps that thought process 😉

  1. I’d reply in more detail but I’m too busy. + oh yeah, I have a blog too. I just remembered.

    • It’s tough to keep up with a blog when you have paying work.

  2. Reblogged this on FiELD9: architecture and commented:
    Some great thoughts on our societies “need” to be perpetually connected. I have neglected my own blog for several months now, but not necessarily for the same reasons. Anyways, more on that later…

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