In The Game

A lot of other professions use the term ‘Architect,’ for many it’s blasphemy. Me, I’m going to start pilfering other professions titles and terminology and get in the game… as the kids say, “Don’t hate the playa, hate da game!” They still say that, right… right?

















On second thought, one of these may not work so well. Have any to add? Put them in the comments section below. If I get enough I’ll make up some more graphics!


Design On,




Keith Palma, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, JD, IT Specialist, PHD, CPA, Sc. D.


All photos are from Matthew Burpee’s photostream on FLICKR and have been used under the creative commons license.

General graphic layout inspired by Jody Brown at Coffee With an Architect.

  1. love it…I have mixed opinions on the titles issue, but this is a nice way to lighten the mood

    • Me too, but than I kick myself and realize there are more important things to worry about… must be a sign of getting older 😉

  2. Marcie Gutierrez said:

    funny. I feel like I want royalties or something when other people call themselves architects without having suffered through 9+ exams.

    • Yeah, I hear you… It used to bother me, now not so much… I take it as a compliment

      Keith, MD, PHD 😉

  3. Ron Lincoln, AIA, LEED AP, GGA said:

    Can’t wait to satrt using these, but may need to get a “fold-out” business card:
    MD – Master of Design; DDS – Doctor of Design Services; MBA – Master Builder Assistant

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