what is the drawing’s purpose :: part 2 – preparatory

Great post and even better drawings!

think | architect

IMG_20131009_103805Architects draw.

It is that simple and we enjoy it. However, what I want to make clear is the pleasure part of it isn’t what drives it.

We do it to think and for a purpose much like one drinks water when they’re thirsty or uses a calculator to balance their checkbook. It just so happens that many of us, dare I say most of us got into this profession because on some level drawing was part of our life.

In our last post we explored the reasons for drawings more so than why architects draw. I find that more relevant. The sketch (or referential sketch) is a unique marking made by the author. When most think of drawings, what they are most likely perceiving are either preparatory or definitive drawings which take on scale and ultimately measurements. These drawings are endeavoring to illustrate more precise relationships and more precise…

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