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How do you define architecture? What is it? What isn’t it? What distinguishes it from mere buildings?

Will I answer that? No. Can I answer that? I don’t know.

However, when we talk to our students (as opposed to our clients), we quickly become cognizant that architecture is about more than mere function and form and materials but about many other amazing things that make it memorable, durable, experiential and special. (See I started to define it there with adjectives…see what I did there?)

One might use the three categories given by Vitruvius, and that might be a correct definition. However, I like the designation a very good friend and colleague of mine uses when he says that architecture is about “this and that.” Perhaps that’s oversimplifying it, but it requires more of architecture. Perhaps it requires more of architects. Either way, it’s a simple way to talk about a…

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