paper architecture [aka unbuilt]

Another great post from Lee-

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Yes, I believe unbuilt or theoretical design work can be considered architecture. I enjoy working on theoretical design concepts much like some people write poetry, knit or collect stamps. It’s a creative outlet that needs not to be explained. However, I am not satisfied to build a career on paper architecture; I want my work to be built. Some architects may believe unbuilt work is best to avoid liability while still getting paid to do the work. I’m the idealist that births these projects mentally and when it doesn’t become real, well…we’ll just say I don’t like it.

In the past several years since our financial world got lost in the weeds and our money got lost in the WC, there have been many projects fall into this category from architects all over the country. To be honest, the old file 13 has gotten kind of full of unbuilt work.

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