pay the price 

Let it be known, anything I reblog from Lee is worth reading.

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It’s not meant to be a sermon or a lecture. I’m just sharing what I’ve been thinking. You’ve heard this before; this is not a new topic, but…you’re going to hear it again. If you want to be good – you have to pay the price.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my roots and how things were “when I was a kid” or “when I was growing up.” I know that can be a put-off or at least an eye-roller to use those phrases. I’d like to think I’m still young (very young for an architect). If you want to know, I was born between the releases of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts album and the Magical Mystery Tour album. The number one Billboard Single the day after I was born was “Light my Fire” by the Doors (the previous week’s song wasn’t as cool). That sets the…

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