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Dear architect, how do you get projects? In some way, they all come from referrals.

Dear client, how do you find an architect? In some way, you get a referral.

This is a basic component of our civilized culture. We trust the advice of a friend or family member…simple.

Most of my work comes from one of three referral sources. At least two of them need constant attention. One is the most important because it’s the most personal.

1. Online database and networks – The most common one is the AIA’s “Find an Architect” database. If you’re not an AIA member, well, you’re not on this list. That doesn’t mean the only good architects are AIA members. It’s just fortunate that a way exists (at a price) for people to find member architects and member firms outside of the Yellow Pages. It’s rather impersonal, just a list, but…

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