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Crafty? I’m not going to define it as cunning, deceitful or sly but in the obsolete as skillful, ingenious and dexterous.

If I might venture a guess, I would say I’d rather design a good project that is crafted and executed well than design a great project and have it built and crafted poorly.

Craft is important both in the quality of the instruments of design and service (drawings and models) but perhaps even more important in the actual execution of the real thing. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoy the construction phase of my work when the owner and contractor are equally concerned about craft as I am.  I’d like to share one of my projects where we had one of those great moments.

This unique project needs to be shared in two episodes addressing two different fiber-cement rain-screen systems that we used for two different reasons.

This was a re-cladding…

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  1. Arthur said:

    My name is Arthur, a graduating senior from Sacramento State. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading through a few of your blogs, and bookmarked the page.

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