I was unsure of what I was going to write about on a blog and who would care what I write about, but then it came to me, “you know, I think I really do know some stuff”… ”people like stuff”… write about “stuff”… ”and if nobody cares, so what, it’s just stuff.” So that’s what I did and hopefully you will find some humor and some advice within my ramblings- it’s  fun writing and somewhat cathartic.

I’m an Architect who own’s and run’s CogitateDesign, a full service architectural firm. With over fifteen years of professional experience, we approach each project by striving to define the inherent design issues- independent of the latest trends- and provide solutions that are respected by our clients and known for design quality. Our goal is to build collaborative relationships with like-minded clients where we are renowned for, respected for, and sought out for the quality of our service and designs. Our work is not rooted in a particular style, it is about absorbing a philosophy and building something appropriate.


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