What is the best house? Is it a mid-century modern? Perhaps it’s a contemporary? Is it a Georgian Revival? Is it a Craftsman Bungalow? Is it a 100 year old renovated farmhouse? Or is it something else? Yes, it’s all of these; the best house is the house that works for you and your lifestyle! However, without an architect, achieving the best house for you is challenging.

Most people have lived in houses of one sort or another their entire lives. Typically we take our houses for granted and do not appreciate just how many decisions have to be made prior to constructing a new house, or renovating/adding to an existing house. At some point, someone had to think through the entire design and construction process- address needs, wishes, budget, schedule, and comply with local building and zoning codes- all while ensuring that the resultant house was structurally sound, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. The best ‘someone’ for the task is an architect. Architects are educated to help you define your needs, present options you may not have considered, prepare documents that instruct how your house is to be built, and assist you in the myriad of decisions inherent in the design/construction process… all while making it fun!


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Your house may be the most expensive project you will ever undertake. If you are making such an investment, and you want your house to reflect who you are and how you live, hiring an architect is a must. An architect will help you design/discover a house that works for you and fits your individuality and preferences. This house, your house, will be vastly different than one designed for someone else. Your house will fit you like a glove. An architect will assist you in bridging the gap between your vision and reality.

We architects take the opportunity to work with you on such an important aspect of your life very seriously. One of the most enjoyable aspects of our work is that we are hired to create wonderful places for daily living. It is a very rewarding experience for both architect and client. What is the best house? Easy, the best house is the house that works for you and your lifestyle! How to achieve the best house, well that’s a bit more challenging and should involve an architect.

What is the best house for you? Talk to an architect and begin the journey, it’ll be a great experience!


Design On,

** I really need to get to the post about house vs. home.


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Recently I had a conversation over dinner with a potential client. Whoa, dinner, aren’t we a baller… hey, he offered to pay, otherwise it would’ve been coffee! He’s considering building a new custom home and realizes the value of an architect, at least I think he does on some level. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Thanks for meeting with me. I know we briefly talked on the phone, tell me more about the house you’re thinking of, the property, how you plan to live in/use the house…

Client: Yeah, I’m not really into all that… I just want a modern house.

Waiter: Can I get you something to…

Me: I’ll have scotch!

Waiter: Okay, and for you…

Me: He’ll have scotch also! What does a modern house mean to you?

Client: You know, built ‘today’ and with cool materials.

Me: Cool materials? What do you mean built ‘today’…

Client: Well, if it’s built today and not years ago it’s modern, right?

Me: Well technically yes, but… no…

Client: Alright forget that, just give me something with flat roofs and lots of glass… that’s modern right?

Me: It can be but… there’s more to it than that…such as…

Client: Oh yeah, I want the outside walls to be covered in metal and no windows…

Me: But, you said you want lots of glass…

Client: Yeah yeah yeah, I want there to be a duality of the dichotomy between glass and no glass.

Me: What?

Waiter: Here’s your 6th scotch, are you ready to…

Me: I’ll have the grilled chicken breast and a side of frustration… Did I say that out loud? I mean a side of fruit salad.

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The word ‘modern’ is used quite a bit- here a ‘modern’ there a ‘modern’ everywhere a ‘modern.’ Typically it’s used as just that, a word. Without belief behind or understanding of how you are using the word ‘modern,’ it’s meaningless. If a word is used without a meaning behind it, what is the recipient to imply as the meaning? Whatever they imply, does it matter if the user as no meaning of the word? This is particularly applicable to architects. We need to have beliefs as to what modern architecture is to us and convey those beliefs to the client.

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What is modern architecture, and what does modern mean? It varies from architect to architect, but for me and what I strive for in my work, modern architecture embodies:


Simple massing/ form/ details with a clear expression of varying massing/ form/ details.

Minimal use of the unnecessary and reduction, or elimination, of frivolous wishes.

Open floor plans with minimal enclosure to encourage user interaction.

Versatile spaces serving varied purposes throughout the day/ owners need/ life span of the structure.

Connected to natural resources visually, tangibly, and through sustainable building/ life-cycle operations.


‘Style’ is not a belief of mine in architecture, it’s not a word I like to use. I prefer the term aesthetic, perhaps a future post on that subject. There are too many limitations imposed to a style. Fashion is about style and fashion goes out of style. Architecture shouldn’t be fashionable.

Modern architecture is not about a predetermined ‘style.’ At the commencement of each project, I try to negate any ‘style’ that is strived towards- the goal is for the resultant design to be based upon inherent design problems, client needs, desires, and context. I strive to let any notion of ‘style’ be inherent and intrinsic- one that develops from the nature and usage of materials as well as an expression of the spaces defined.

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This is what I strive for in my projects and my beliefs of a modern architecture. The beauty of modern architecture is its varied beliefs and executions by architects. My beliefs of a modern architecture may or may not be similar to other architects, that’s okay, that’s not the point. The point is to have a belief- don’t just use ‘modern’ as a word.

What are your modern means?


Design On,

** For the record, modern architecture can have a gable roof.